April 16, 2007

What the hell is wrong with the world?

So in the UK they are banning teaching about the crusades, and boycotting Israel…Aussies give a PG rating to Jihadist death porn…American cities are “twinning” themselves with terrorist havens…Jews can’t memorialize the Holocaust for fear of “angering Muslims” (what the hell did they have to do with it anyway? – of course other than being backed by Hitler in the 30s and 40s…oh…..) European immigrants expose clitorecomies and get beaten to sleep for it…

The UK is considering legalizing home invasion robbery to collect on *PARKING FINES* and the press and the likes of Pelosi just keep on tickin’ along…hating freedom…wishing to become dhimmis of the new global caliphate or communism…whomever beats us down first…I am so appalled…does anyone actually read the news…can the common man actually rub two brain cells together and use some logic and reason to develop a world view…or is it that my father was ABSOLUTELY right…

the world is *packed* with idiots…in a world of sound bites and ineptitude...intellectual laziness and feel good political adgendas….I suppose that it is no wonder…*sigh*

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