August 14, 2007

And still more reviews

Movie: RSVP ***

Decent film noir - lots of death lots of laughs...Jason Mewes plays himself (mostly) but - bickity bam - turns out to be a hero!

Move: Two Soldiers **

Beautiful photography - great acting - horrible story.

Movie: Curse of the Golden Flower ***

Chow Yun Fat in another Chineese super drama - actually captivating - not enough kung-fu for me, the battles were more like the long shots in 300

Movie: Letters From Iwo Jima ****

Damn fine flick, a nice compliment to Flags of our Fathers

Movie: 12 Angry Men ****

The original in b&w - so damn good...nothing but good acting and a great story!

Movie: Iraq in Fragments **

The words of Sunni Iraqis in the 1st year after the invasion - edited and stilted to sow the war in the worst light possible.

Move: The Gangs of New York ****

Loved it in spite of Leo D.


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