July 07, 2009

More Constitutional Argument...

The “Bill of Rights” as enumerated in the first ten amendments to the Constitution is what I see as exactly that – a Bill of Rights – for the people. Throughout the Constitution, the language is very specific and certain words are given specific meaning through specific use and repetition. One example is the use of the word “people”. Every time that it appears, it lends itself to mean the individual people of the United States. As the Bill of Rights is generally accepted as a set of limits on government, and not the people, in fact securing the rights of the people, one specific part seems to be a politically sticky point.  The Second Amendment is an issue of States rights and in recent years has become a nexus of Federal law and agencies that are in effect unconstitutional.


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July 05, 2009

Feeling slightly better...

Got the lawn mowed - finally...still have to do the weedeating, but that can wait until 2morrow morning...when I start my body-clock reset. I have laundry, weedeating, shifting of my crap, cleaning, going to the library, taking delivery of my mattress and box springs, and perhaps - if I am up to it, canoeing to Tiger island. I feel like such a frackin slug on this mid-watch. I cannot wait to get back to a real schedule. It wouldn't be so bad actually if I were staying on it...but I am not...so I am not looking forward to the reset.

In other news - work gets more boring each day...I swear I love the ppl I work with and the pay...but Christ - I need SOME sort of action...this place is WORSE than Mayberry - @ least they had that drunk guy and the occasional out of town bank robbing fugitive. We have exactly DICK. My war has ruined me. I am trapped in my mind with memories of fortune and glory.

I miss those heady days of being out in Baghdad...just me and another Joe or two...daring the Jihadis to fuck with us...while we move scanning and panning through the streets, hyper-alert for signs of danger to our principal...damn it.

working with men from Denmark, Iraq, England, Australia, Poland, etc...seeing what few have seen...feeling what few have felt...watching through an ACOG with bored interest as hundreds of Iraqis below mill about, unaware of our presence...

the sound of the turbo in the M1151 spinning up, and the professional banter over the headsets...the rapid churning of the turret as it swept back and forth, the gunner's head on a swivel...damn it.

The sudden slap of incoming, like the sound of an angry god...the too late moan of the alarm and the shouts of INCOMMING as men scurry like so many cockroaches for hard cover...damn it.

The snap or hiss of a round passing overhead...and the split second decision to take cover or move toward the sound of gunfire...damn it.

I still have too much on my plate to make any real progress on fun stuff...and am seriously thinking of ditching the CID thing - too much gawddamn paperwork...and going to be an OC - I am just sort of over the whole thing...any opinions?

I really want to finish school in a hurry, but I have already exhausted my TA at the end of August - so it is a little over a month off from school while I wait on the new fiscal year. Str8 "A" student @ AMU so far (knock wood).

OK enough soul bearing bullshit. Off to bed. Phuc it.



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