May 21, 2007

Wow! What a couple of weeks!

TO those few of you who actually read this, I duely appologize for my absence. It has been crazy....moving, the new job, and half of the family having to flee forrest fires does not make for good bloging time. I haven't even read any books or seen any movies. So, again, my appologies, and I will get back on task soon. BTW...what the hell is up with this crazy immigration bill? Is Congress on crack? Jeeeeezzzeeee.....

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May 08, 2007

Ok…so a review or two! (or maybe a bunch!)

Movie: Kevin Smith: Evening Harder ***

The sequel to “An Evening With Kevin Smith” – this is seriously funny for casual fans of the fat man as well as true fan-boys like me! I laughed through both discs (in spite of his Bush bashing)


Book: lace w:st="on">Floridalace>’s Seminole Wars ****

A very decent, well written and informative history of early territorial lace w:st="on">Floridalace>. A must read for any OCs (Original Crackers) out there, as well as for anyone who wants a non propaganda version of how the Seminoles were defeated and ultimately what would today be called “ethnically cleansed” from Florida.


>(more below the fold!)>


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Back up and running....I hope!

Sorry it has been so long…getting used to the new job, work schedule and trying to move all at the same time is time intensive to say the least. Additionally, last night I had to go down to the (ex) wife’s house and help evacuate due to a huge wildfire in the area. What a freaking HUGE fire…hopefully her house will not burn, but we got out all of the important kit…you know – kids, documents, guns, clothes (in that order!). I again, hope to be back to regular posting in the immediate future….hopefully starting today.

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