January 11, 2010

The Bacon Rebellion of 1676

The Bacon Rebellion of 1676 was an interesting combination of Indian war and insurrection against the Crown appointed Governor of Virginia, William Berkeley. Nathaniel Bacon led an unauthorized militia in multiple attacks on Indians in the Virginia Colony in reprisal of supposedly unprovoked wrongs perpetrated by those Indians, as well as attacking the government and its sanctioned militia under Berkeley. Bacon’s expeditions were of a nature that proved that a militia was, when properly motivated, capable of forming and fighting a local threat with some success. Unfortunately, attacking the wrong groups and starting what amounted to the first “revolution” in the new world in the process.  (continued below the fold)


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January 07, 2010


The Golan Heights, in September of 1973 was a contested stretch of hilly, rocky terrain that the “Purple Line” split down the middle, with the sparse but watchful Israeli Defense Force (IDF) guarding the western half and the bitter and well-equipped Syrian Army occupying the eastern half.[1]  The Syrians lost the land in the abortive attempt to push the Jewish state into the sea in 1967 with their Arab allies.[2] The Arabs had tried since Israel’s inception to vanquish the fledgling state to no avail. In spite of the Israeli government making peaceful overtones and attempting to broker a deal, the Syrians, in concert with Egypt had a mind toward only vengeance.[3] This was a continuation of the Khartoum Arab Summit that held that there would be no peace, recognition or negotiation with the Jewish state.[4] The Arabs had been preparing at breakneck pace, in great secrecy to invade and would catch most of the IDF on its heels. The stand made by the Israelis in the Golan would go down as a great success, in spite of the drive and early success of the Syrian Army. (CONTINUED BELOW THE FOLD!)

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