November 21, 2008

The News today is frakin CRAZY

First off - Somali Pirates - These are not just frakin PIRATES people - they are NOT like Captain Jack Sparrow - these nasty buggers kill people and kidnap for ransom. These guys are supported by Wahhabi fundies in that shithole Somalia. These guys are linked to AQ - why are SEALs not going BREACH-BANG-CLEAR on thier skinny asses?!?!? Thomas Jefferson took care of a similar African Islamic Terrorist problem back about 200 years ago - on the Barbary Coast (North Africa for all of you historically challenged peeps) - Yeah - seems a few frigates sporting "Don't Tread on Me" jacks and a couple of dozen Leathernecks cured that problem for a while - why not now? It is the SAME DAMNED THING - and instead of paying tribute like the Europeans (and sadly we did for a time) did 200 years ago - we need to save the world for free trade and LIBERTY like we have always done.

" the shores of Tripoli"

More below the fold...

Next - Webcam Suicide - what kind of attention freak are you to go online - advertise  - and then take frakin PILLS to snuff it. Jeez. That postcast is made of FAIL.damn.

Double SWEETNESS - G&R is releasing a new album started back in 1994 - Coolness - can't wait! But to double your pleasure - Dr. Pepper lost a bet (made of FAIL for them but of WIN for us) and now has to give EVERY American a FREE Dr. Pepper - get your coupon for a free 20oz soda from their website - Sunday ONLY.

Irony  - with GOV PALIN - She, as is the Governor's tradition - "Pardoned" the Thanksgiving Turkey - and very soon thereafter, was seen on TV giving an interview while a turkey was - ermm...executed in the background - I love her. But if I were poultry - there is NO WAY I would trust that conniving wench.

The Empire is ENDING and probably the world with it - MARK THEIR WORDS!!! "They" say that we are in a downward spiral - that the world will decay into border disputes over food and energy, terrorists will have there way via copiuos use of nukes, and the US will be but a minor player - strutting and frettining.... Where is all of our HOPECHANGE?!?!? One  guess who "They" are - you got it - our gobermint. Well, with the One about to be coronated and soonafter scary looking guns to be banned - I suppose I will have to become .... a PIRATE - they seem to get away with murder.

Secretary of STATE Clinton?!? Are you frakin kidding me? You mean "Sniper Fire in Bosnia" Clinton? - arrrgh. Need I say more?  Well - at least she not AS hideous as Albright -

Lustitia, with your consorts Aequitas and Veritas - save us....please.

And in other news - your truely now looks like a Bald Superman when blogging - (Lex Luthor?!?!) yep - reading glasses for me. damn.


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