January 30, 2008

Some pics -

of recent stuff - below the fold more...

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January 26, 2008

The first week of "Combat Advisor" course

Hmmmmmm....in the spirit of the training that the first Green Berets had early in Vietnam - the Army is training non-SF types to fill this role in IZ...Can't say much about the training or our mission - but suffice it to say...there is a LOT of cultural awaremness required. - Anyway - more to follow...the days have been VERY long and VERY cold - 10 degrees with a wind chill down to -2 sux!  

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January 22, 2008

Whew - Long (but VERY good) w/e - long first day of training -

I am so tired that I will not belabor the points above – As far as the first real day of training – the classroom piece was poor at best and the practical was a cordon and search in a simulated Iraqi village. I am not impressed. My boys need a LOT of work…I hope they improve exponentially…grrr….well…got to get to sleep as tomorrow starts out with two hours of Arabic language class. Yay. I simply love the “Combat Advisor” course. Oh yeah - my boy lost his first tooth – damn at the things I miss….and I miss those kiddos…anyway – more soon…TTFN

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January 07, 2008

Another internet free zone

well - mostly - and WAY busy....when we get to the actual training site it will be decent but for now - just occasional posting - sorry to all...look for an update in a week or so.

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January 02, 2008

Profiteering on Abu - Blatant lies about what went on AFTER 2004

*UPDATED*  I read the book...this is COMPLETE bullshit. I have posted a review - below - I suggest that we ALL "review" this book....

 Torture Central: Emails from Abu Ghraib

My review - below the fold –



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Here in ATL

One final time before we move to the next stop before the last stop I got here a day early as the BDE CO wanted all the 1SGs to be present the day before the troops - makes complete sense...but would have been nice to know when we went home instead of 5 days before our return....grrrr.....oh well..."three bags full"

I got to see the kids before I left for the airport - Trey and I played catch for a few minutes in the front yard - Trin was sleepy and a bit sick...poor girl...I will miss them emmensly...

The flight was nice  - The Airline hooked me up with a 1st class seat - nicely done (yay!) and I had a cold Heineken in my hand within seconds! My noise canceling headphones were AWESOME - no jet noise - good jams - and it even blocked out the screaming baby back in coach! Everyone is SO nice when you travel in uniform....but some give you a really sad look like they just found out that you have terminal cancer...JFC people - just because we are Soldiers and going off to war doesn't gurantee out untimely demise or life shattering wounds - heh. But the majority were really nice to the point of insisting on buying you a soft drink or a snack...heh...I declined all....but it was SO nice to have that sort kindness bestowed on you. Even people just passing would make a point of saying "thank you"...

However - I do have a bit of a gripe - I arrived at the airport and no driver - went to the USO - no driver...the lady behind the desk at the USO acted like I was crazy...anyway - I call the S4 NCOIC about the driver - no answer....grrrrrr.....I am rapidly losing my frostiness....I trudge down to the taxi stand and load my stuff in a mini-van driven by - you guessed it - "Mohammad Abdullah" - here is me in ACUs with 3 LARGE bags full of US Army kit...and paranoid...worried about old boy shouting Allah-hu -Akbar and pulling into some AQ safehouse...but $65 of your tax dollars later I arrive safely at the hotel...thank Mr. Abdullah in Arabic and check in - *whew*


Well - more later - and no time for a spell check - so over it

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