June 30, 2009

Globalization – Dirty Word?

The United States has, from its conception, been part of the global community. However, in the modern era of renaming, repackaging and rewriting the world wide economy has become globalized. Of course, there is an important distinction between being a part of a global economy and having your economy globalized. As the laws of supply and demand work their magic on the markets, the economy fluctuates, sometimes violently. However, apart from the complete collapse of international trade and travel the system survives, revives and soars to greater heights each time. From the very birth of our great nation with the writing of the Constitution, we have had to consider the impact of international trade. While our nation was born of enlightenment and came of age in industrialization, the 21st Century has redefined what it is to be part of the global community, possibly to our detriment.


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June 27, 2009

As King...

every moment not miserible - is a moment stolen. Gods ~ how I feel that.

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Salt and Beef - The Ignored Importance of Confederate Florida

The outcome of the American Civil War is perhaps the events that most often evokes the question "What if?”. From novels like Turtledove’s fanciful The Guns of the South to scholarly debates amongst historians, the Civil War has had people asking the question since Reconstruction. Many times, this question is asked in relation to the big decisions or seminal events that are instantly recognizable to casual students of the war. There are dozens of variables in the battle of Gettysburg alone that beg debate. The outcome of that bloody battle could have changed the face of the war as well as the world we know today. Had Chamberlain failed, Stuart been more timely or Picket succeeded, perhaps Washington DC would have been threatened and the outcome of the war less of a foregone conclusion.  More often than not, these events get the most attention and are hotly debated.  DOWNLOAD HERE


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June 22, 2009

Road to Nanking - The Fall and Rise of the Samurai

       The word genocide evokes images of bodies filling mass graves or scattered across the landscape lying where they fell, limbs akimbo. The efficiency of the Nazi killing in Europe overwhelms the psyche with the hollow look in the eyes the victims, long since dead. The acts of brutality that man visits on his fellow man in the name of God and country are the stuff of horror movies, except all too real. One such orgy of violence was perpetrated in Nanking, China in 1937 and 1938. What leads men to the point where another man is less than human, or even less than an animal in his eyes?


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