December 20, 2007

The Lakota Nation secedes

I am torn over this….I need to research it more….as I have a strange and creeping feeling that this cat may not represent ALL of the Lakota NationRussell Means may not be an “official” representative of the Lakota Nation, and I cannot find proof that he is…although he did run with his running mate Larry Flynt (of “Hustler” porn magazine fame) against Reagan and Bush for the Republican nomination back in the 80s…Now here are the points of why I am torn…



1)      TheUnited States has been guilty of abusing the various Native nations – before and after treaties were signed.


2)      The Lakota nation (like many other Native nations) should enjoy some autonomy and self determination (as they do)


3)      Allowing the Lakota nation to secede from the union would set a VERY dangerous precedence.


4)      On the other hand – would we not, as a benevolent republic be honor bound to let the Lakota (and any others) secede if we could not resolve their treaty bound grievances?


5)      Are we not honor bound to address those grievances regardless of the desire to secede?


6)      The real issue, I think – lies in the exact status (legally) of the various nations as SOVEREIGN nations.  




Many questions…the answers will bring on many more…

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