November 17, 2007


Movie: Death Proof / Planet Terror - Grindhouse Double Feature ****

QT and RR ...they DO IT. Very nice pair of flicks. Of course like most other flicks like this - either you love 'em or hate 'em.

Move: The Aristocrats ***

A nice documentary about the most disgusting joke ever. VERY funny.

Movie: Shortbus *

One of those indie movies that is lauded as the best thing since Clerks - only to turn out to be a slightly uncomfortable documentary about people and thier freakish sexual practices. ewwww.

Movie: The Notorious Bettie Page ****

A *very* nice biographical drama of the life and times of America's Puritanical S&M Pinup Girl from the 50s. It is of course a bit racy in spots...but only enough to convey the story.

Movie: V for Vendetta *****

I can't remember if I covered this before - but I had to mention it as I just watched it agian - SUPURB flick....


Movie: Delta Farce ***

Poorly made and worse acting - but still VERY funny. Worth a watch on a date.

Movie: Blades of Glory ****

OMFG - I believe that I may need a doctor- I think I gave myself a hernia laughing at that movie - CLASSIC.

Movie: Farce of the Penguins *

While somewhat clever - I lost interest early *yawn*

Movie: Judgement at Nuremburg ****

Very decent flick about the war crimes trials of Nazi judges - VERY well done.

Movie: Where Eagles Dare ****

Classic WWII flick - Awesome!

Movie: One Day in September ****

Nicely done documentary on the Munich Olympic Terroris attacks.

Movie: Kung Fu Hustle ****

GREAT movie! Must watch for all of you old school  Kung Fu theater fans out there!

Movie: The Good German ***

Worth a one time watch - about post war Berlin...not bad.

Movie: Apacolypto ****

VERY decent flick - I really did enjoy this film - Bravo Mel!

Comedy Show: Larry the Cable Guy  - Morning Constitutional ***

Love him or hate him - Larry is FUNNY! Get 'er done!

Concert: Tallyrand Music Festival (PEPPER LIVE!!) ****

Wouldhave gotten 5 stars - but I went stag and the crowd were SO far left and splifted that I felt vaugly "on guard" the whole time. The band I went to see, however - PEPPER - was SMOKIN'!! Awesome show!


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