January 02, 2008

Profiteering on Abu - Blatant lies about what went on AFTER 2004

*UPDATED*  I read the book...this is COMPLETE bullshit. I have posted a review - below - I suggest that we ALL "review" this book....

 Torture Central: Emails from Abu Ghraib

My review - below the fold –


I was sent a free used copy - as I refused to contribute to the obvious scam that this "Soldier" is perpetrating on the good Soldiers and Officers of the 96th MP BN. As far as his absence of training, I know for a fact that ALL Soldiers working as guards at Abu were required to attend an intensive 3 week detainee operations course to prepare them for the demanding job.


I was present on the ground during the same period that these alleged events occurred. I worked in Military Police Investigations hand in hand with the Criminal Investigations Division of the US Army and we collectively looked into EVERY allegation of abuse by a Soldier at Abu. We also looked into allegations of detainee on detainee abuse.


While there were some cases of detainee on detainee violence up to and including murder, I can assure the reader that the US Army Military Police did everything in their power to bring the guilty to justice. Concerning the even fewer allegations against Soldiers I know for a fact that any Soldier who so much as made the appearance of “crossing the line” under the 96th MP BN was immediately removed from contact with the detainees pending investigation. In addition, as far as I know, there were no cases brought to Courts Martial by CID during this time, as there were no substantiated allegations made against American Soldiers.


I would like to ask that if the good Mr. Keller were so concerned about “abuse” why did he not report this ‘abuse” through us, CID, JAG, the IG, Congress the Red Cross or even his Governor (Who visited his unit during this period). All of which, by the way, worked OUTSIDE of his chain of command and would have fully investigated any allegation brought forward, and the fact that a Soldier were bringing it forward would make it that much more believable.


The Deputy Commanding General (Detainee Operations), the Brigade Commander, and the Battalion Commander as well as her ENTIRE staff were so cautious and leery of abuse allegations that even clear cut cases of self defense by a Soldier had to be investigated and draconian measures were threatened to Soldiers to prevent any abuse. I consider this book to be a clear cut case of profiteering on an already tired and “abused” subject that was put to bed long before the arrival of the intrepid warrior SGT Keller."


Bottom line - from everything I have read - this guy is twisting all of the facts to suit the purpose of making himself a window for 15 minutes of fame.

Nuff said.

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Good luck on your upcoming tour, I have been lurking since you were on Jawa.

I will have to read this "story" to find out which unit this "SGT" was in, and where he worked.  I followed the link, my first thought is that this guy is really telling a whopper of a "war story", just to sell some books.

I was not in close contact with the detainees often, but I know things like this did not happen under the 96th MP.


Posted by: Chem Lackey at January 03, 2008 05:03 PM (lVZT9)

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