May 10, 2008

OMG - I can't believe this -

"Atlas Shrugged" - one of the greatest novels EVER written is to be a major motion picture - and guess who are playing the crucial roles of Dagny Taggart and John Galt?!?!

(cont. below)

Dagny Taggart = Angelina Jolie - *swoon*

John Galt = Brad Pitt - *perfect* for the role - (OK - maybe a bit of a man-crush there - damn it all!)

They are talking about that Kiwi (you know - the Gladiator Guy, Russell Crowe) to play Hank Reardon - I would rather see Harrison Ford - Of course for Antonio - maybe Antonio B??

OK - my question is *HOW* they are gonna make this flick - from what I understand Brangelina are *huge* fans of Ayn Rand (the author) ...BUT as you know Hollyweird is rife with Commie pinko scum - and this book is as Capitalist and Libertarian as they get - Will this be true to the form of the book...or a mockery made with a leftist adgenda? Of course they pulled off "300" and I was *very* happy with it's look, feel and overall message - But if they stay loyal to Ayn's vision the left in the US may react like Wahabbis at a Danish cartoon festival!  But - that is giving the left the ability to *understand* the vision that Ms. Rand so skillfully illuminated in "Atlas Shrugged".

At this particular point in American history - we *need* a reminder of how fragile our system is - and what the power of the US economy is really based on...and that is *not* the power of the US government, but the power of the private production capacity of the US.

 Anyway - YAY!


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