May 08, 2007

Ok…so a review or two! (or maybe a bunch!)

Movie: Kevin Smith: Evening Harder ***

The sequel to “An Evening With Kevin Smith” – this is seriously funny for casual fans of the fat man as well as true fan-boys like me! I laughed through both discs (in spite of his Bush bashing)


Book: lace w:st="on">Floridalace>’s Seminole Wars ****

A very decent, well written and informative history of early territorial lace w:st="on">Floridalace>. A must read for any OCs (Original Crackers) out there, as well as for anyone who wants a non propaganda version of how the Seminoles were defeated and ultimately what would today be called “ethnically cleansed” from Florida.


>(more below the fold!)>

Movie: lace w:st="on">Charlottelace>’s Web ***

Great story, I read the book as a kid and saw the animated version of this. Of course without CGI this “live action” version would have never happened. Still a decent “feel good” story for the kids. To quote Vincent Vega: “Pork chops are good…Bacon is good…”



Move: The War Tapes *****

If you watch any documentary about lace w:st="on">Iraqlace> – START with this one. It is a grunt’s eye view of the war. Filmed buy the soldiers engaged with the enemy. It raw and its real. You want to remotely understand a vet? Watch this movie.


Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness ****

Will Smith is the mutha funkin man. What more can you say. Brilliant performance about a guy who WILL NOT QUIT, and makes something of himself. Awe inspiring stuff. A True Story.


Movie: Borat ****

I like! High Five!


Movie: Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny ***

Laughable, worth a watch…not worth a second watch.


Movie: Marie Antoinette ***

Amazing visuals and seemingly historically accurate (somebody help me with this one!?!?) Again, worth a watch, but I won’t be copying….errmmmm…BUYING this one!


Graphic Novel/Movie: 300 *****

I wish I had a special 6 star rating. This book and flick are so awesome on so many levels…you have to see it. “THIS is lace w:st="on">SPARTAlace>!!!”


Book: Jefferson’s War - lace w:st="on">Americalace>’s First War on Terror 1801-1805 *****

I have had a run on GREAT books lately. This is another MUST READ for a bit of historical context.


Book: Cobra II – The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of lace w:st="on">Iraqlace> *****

Another no propaganda str8 story on how it happened.


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