October 22, 2008

Now this I like


My question is - Why is dissent against the Obamessiah a thoughtcrime? It seems to me that any criticism of the anointed one is met with vapid cries of racism or the more subtle complaint that only those with right-wing extremist ideals would look deeply into the motivations, associations and motivations of Barry the Great. (continued below the fold)

If Sarah Palin or our only real choice the Rhino John McCain slip up in ANY way, or have ANY sort of perceived fault or gaff the media and the left (not that they are not synonymous for the most part) come UNHINGED. However, Barry’s association (read: Close Friendship) with terrorists like Ayers, racists like Rev. White, further- his SELF PROCLAIMED Marxist plan for the redistribution of America’s wealth – not to mention the immediate disarming of her citizens as well as his shady past and upbringing around Islamic extremist as well as blatant voter fraud in his name  are all sacred cows that must NOT be mentioned lest you be “vetted”  by his Majesty’s checkist apparatus known as the Main Stream Media.

Hell the MENTION that many of his campaign apparatchick sport Che’ t-shirts and poster while working for him is enough to be accused of various and sundry affiliation with all sorts of groups, from the Zionist movement, to NAZIs to the KKK and skinheads. I read a few articles linked to on FOXNews yesterday that even had the pundits speculating that “RACISTS” would probably vote for Obama in spite of their racism.

Their contention: their desire for “good government” will outweigh their racism. And quoted one guy as saying the in spite of his prohibition of an interracial relationship for his daughter – he will vote for Obama.

This brings to light SEVERAL things – first is the mis-use of the word “Racist”

From Dictionary.com



a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others. >>



a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination. >>



hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. >>


Just because someone doesn’t agree with interracial marriage does NOT mean that he believes that he is superior or that he HATES them.

Bigoted? Maybe –

Biased? Yes –

Shallow? – Definitely.

Racist? Not necessarily. 

At any rate – that part is academic – the real issue is that in 2008 we as a nation still foster this type of TRUE racism. The belief that an average white guy (or girl) has an inherent racist streak and is too stupid to know it – and this mostly perpetrated by the “elite” leftist and media who would be so quick to point it out here.

My point is for the WHOLE rant - why is it that if one were to hate BHO for being a Dhimmi fostering, Commie loving, Wealth spreading, Terrorist befriending, Gun Hating, Constitution Bashing, No Experience Having guy who *just might* be a Whahabbi practicing Takkiya - why is it that one is automatically branded as a racist?


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