May 03, 2008

Nice View - Negative Contact -

SO today was blazing frakin' hot in the red - in overwatch - on the roof -

BUT - it was a great view - pics below the fold -





and in spite of some small arms fire in the 'hood, no one tried us - so it was quiet - hence the smile -


We did do a lot glassing people and keeping a low profile, *some* people I know would be a bit skeert way up there


(it was frackin' high - plus 20 feet!) but my biggest worry was dropping the damned radio - I could just see it in my minds eye - falling for like 20 seconds - and then smashing to bits on the pavement...and then me having to trundle all the way back down,


just to explain why I needed another radio...heh.


Some of you might notice a few...ummm...non, issued peices of kit - including my trusty Randal - but also the - for real unauthorized - stuff on the back of my ACH -


Heh - my "Dark Side" meter is *always* pegged when looking down on the 'hood with my M4 through the Leopould CQ/T


But my spotter was having fun glassing all of the locals - and we only sweated out about 10 pounds of water weight each -


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