May 14, 2008

I almost forgot - 60 years of Independence for Israel

Here's to you Israel, for 60 years as a productive representative republic - commonly (and erroneously) referred to as a 'Democracy' - The ONLY one in the Mid-East (unless we have our way in Iraq) -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our maligned and misunderstood - but staunch ally! We love ya, and as long as you keep kicking the shit out of Muslim fascists we will ALWAYS love ya! You have fought and died for the cause from the moment you were born...and we have only just joined the fray - I only hope that our people can endure for as long as you have already!

peace be upon you Israel!


From the TIME pictorial on the 60th Birthday! (My kind of lady! [except of course that the pin is still in the grenade] )

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