April 30, 2008

Hatemongering - Ayn Rand was SO right -

A fellow sevicemember sent this to me - and it is all about hating on Dubai (UAE) for being a capitalist country.

Click HERE to see the presentation -

This is interesting to me because it attacks successful productive capitalists for - - being successful - and stirs sentiment that is based purely in emotion and not in logic or fact - I think the motivation behind this piece of work is *exactly* why we are failing in the global economic realm.

I would like to point out that this is a very emotional piece that hits the heart through your pocketbook - but think about the real issues -

I say we should not be angry or jealous of Dubai or anyone else because of their business success - (continued below the fold)

The entity that you should angry with is our own government for setting up economic conditions the lower the value of the US Dollar - with restrictions on drilling for oil in the US, refusing to allow oil companies to build new refineries, high taxes, trade agreements that negatively affect us while boosting the economy of our competitors (i.e. NAFTA, China, etc), subsidies for US businesses and Farmers that fail(lack of economic Darwinism), subsidies for idiot "homeowners" that can no longer afford their mortgage, subsidies for idiot banks that can no longer afford their "investments", forcing methanol down the throats of the world, and printing "new money" - all create inflation -

The fact is that the $ is worth 1/4 what it was on the global market 10 years ago (largely by our own hand) - that is why oil is 4 times more expensive - has MUCH more to do with decades of government "controls" on our allegedly capitalist "free market" than it does with supply and demand or those evil, greedy oil soaked Emirates They are merely supplying a product that we are willing to pay for. I submit that we *might* want to rethink our socialist policies on the market and stop playing nursemaid to the economy and failed businesses and business practices - our economy *thrives* with less government control - and the Dollar gets very strong -

Honestly - this slideshow shows what kind of growth and development a wise government can allow when shrewd businessmen are allowed to produce and make money. So - why should we get angry at their success - when we *should* be angry with OUR *failures*?

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