April 21, 2008

Defensor Fortis - Revisited -

Back to the incident just after we moved in -

I went to the CSH (Combat Support Hospital - the modern day successor to the venerable MASH - Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) to "swipe in" so that they can track my health care while in Iraq.

Just prior to my arrival a vehicle manned by by Air Force Cops - on a Mounted Combat Patrol near the IZ got slammed by an Iranian made EFP - in a sheet of flame and slug of molten copper a life was snuffed out - and many more changed forever -

The long faces and blank stares were all I needed to see to know that they had lost one - they saw the knowledge in my eyes and recognized one of thier own - as did I.

Brown and ACU patten NOMEX uniforms bearing the insignia of the AIr Force and Army - Senior NCOs, Officers and junior enlisted all milled about waiting for news of the rest -

Dusty faces streaked with the trails of tears - belied the humanity of the professionals that even in this time of crisis, neatly lined up body armor against the walls of the hospital.

These are my brothers and sisters - these are your sons and daughters - these are American Warriors.

Defensor Fortis my Brothers and Sisters.

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