August 11, 2008

Book and Movie Reviews


Homer: The Iliad ***

ONLY 3 Stars!?!? You ask - Yes - While the story is brilliant - it seems to me that the ancient Greeks talked way too much smack. In to immortal words of Tuco Benidicto Juan Ramirez (AKA the Rat) "When its time to shoot - SHOOT - don't talk."

Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray ****

Awesome story dealing with the price of vanity and narcissism - with a touch of teh ghey. Fortunately, Dorian never overtly chases sausage, just the women who's hearts he loves to break.

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt *****

Perfectly written biography - No wonder it won a Pulitzer.


Stangers **

Scary "true" home invasion story - ZER0 Plot.

Stuck *

"True" drama about a bum who is hit by a skank and gets stuck in the windshield. sucks

Horton Hears a Who ****

Suess is the greatest

 Kung Fu Panda ****

Supurb voice overs on a damned good animated kung fu flick.

Speed Racer ***

Exactly what you would expect. Not bad.

Iron Man ***

See Speed Racer

Batman - The Dark Knight ****

Teh Awesome.

Lions for the Lambs ****

Damed good - in spite of the *very* transparent attempt to paint the "antagonist" as a Bushie who cares only about "Winning the War" and nothing about the feelings of the people involved.

Red Belt *****

Best Martial Arts movie without Jet Li in a while.

Move and You Die ****

Wow - Funny as...Aussie Gangsters

Wanted ****

 Mmmmmm.....Angie - ....ummm...Movie? Oh yeah...the movie was pretty good.

Get Smart **

Not bad - not good -

 The Other Bolyn Girl ****

Supurb historical "fiction" - pretty close to reality, I bet.

The Name of the King **


Leatherheads ****

Great Movie in spite of Cloony and Zellweger

The Love Guru **

How to NOT spoof Bollywood.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan ****

Adam Sandler does it again - Bravo! "The Communism TightCrotch? What?"


zzzzzz.....Snort! What?

The Eye ****

I was diggin' it - scary!

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian ****

Better than the first one to me.

Vantage Point ****

Damned good flick about the various views of a presidential assasination.

Hancock ***

Pretty good sooper hero movie worth a watch.

Indy IV ****

Stellar - Area 51 and all

Sweeny Todd ****

Deliciously bloody fun

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