March 20, 2008

Arrived in Q8

And it is GLORIOUS compared to Ft. Riley - god I hated that place and all the ancillary nonsense that went with it... But now we are in  Camp XXX and it looks much the same as it did last time. We were greeted by our LNOs from the unit that we are replacing and they are taking good care of us. The food sux worse than @ Riley - which I thought was an impossibility - if the Food up north is as bad - I will drop lbs with a quickness - yuk. Went for a run this AM - yay! 60 degrees and dry...perfect...Oh - the boss pinned my Diamond on me on the bird - that was nice - except that now I have to go get everything re-sewn...and I hope the pay catches up to me

Well gotta jam - will post again ASAP!

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