May 18, 2008

Another Mission Down - and no one hurt

In spite of some SAF in the AO - All is well (and I still think that the SAF was some IP/A shooting a clearing barrel)...but see the pics below the fold...

How can this guy be SO happy after I just about tore his arm off after he challenged me to arm wrestle?!?!?


So we went out to find our way in the wide world - and found the PROOTY FLOWERS!


Then I saw this guy hiding in the shade - it *was* hot - but it looks like he is gonna go potty. (and notice the ACU pattern blending sorta nicely with the local foliage - not foilage - greenery)


Here is an example of how very...umm...beige - and ...umm..devastated a place can be...


Do you know how hard it is to take a picture (of yourself) when you are trying to be a bit tactical?


And here is how umm...loverly Iraq can look -


So right after the SAF - this guy took cover - good Idea - Is that Pee on the wall?


Ever wonder why some Iraqis get shot for "No Good Reason"? This *might* be why - This guy is legit in totin' the AK - but damn - he *looks* shady - (was he the one shooting the clearing barrel? Do Iraqis have clearing barrels?)


And here is a shot of your humble blogger - all smiles as usual



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1 Good to see some pictures of you!
I read your sbemail post and left a comment!

Posted by: wb at May 18, 2008 11:09 AM (sdQXA)

2 for some reason the word dork come to mind when I saw some of these pictures

Posted by: me at May 22, 2008 10:10 AM (Qp8qF)

3 ALL - The US Mil has blocked my site (almost completely) and I have no private internet yet - Hence blogging has been and will continue to be VERY spotty (I can't even make a proper post - just a comment) Sorry to all - thanks for your support.

Posted by: Moriarti the Kaffir at May 26, 2008 04:37 AM (25Vt0)

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