November 16, 2007

1 last post before bed - Al Sharpton is an idiot

Regardless of his motivations and his transparent bigotry, he is in fact an idiot. I just regretfully lost three minutes of my life (not to mention IQ points) watching that loudmouth buffoon rant and rave in DC about the "injustices" of the many states policing their own houses. He actually equated the Constitutionally mandated due process of our layered judicial system to the "Confederate States". He implied that those who support that support the 10th Amendment (not to mention the rest of the Constitution) are for nothing more than "States Rights". The sinister implication is that there is an underground (or overt!?!?) movement to restore antebellum values to race relations by steady erosion of civil rights via staunch support of the 10th Amendment.


Is there ANY possibility that sometimes people are in fact responsible for the crimes they commit regardless of the mitigating and aggravating circumstances? Is it possible that not every violent crime committed against a person of color is a "hate crime"? Is it even possible that when a jury renders a verdict that is not in favor of a person of color (whether victim or accused), it is NOT an indictment of the entire judicial system as being inherently "racist"?

On the other hand - I do understand that racism and bigotry exist. I just do not believe that it is as systemic or widespread as that silly blowhard and his Nation of Islam friends would have us believe. (yes they were there too)

In fact I would ask why the "Jena 6" aren't being screwed into the ground by fat Al for their "hate crime"...instead of being touted as the victims...I still just don't GET that!?!?

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