October 10, 2008

Wow. Barry Hussein Obama is at fault for the housing market collapse

It seems at least partially. Over at the JAWA there is a story that seems to be something that McCain and Palin should be hammering home right now. Of course you can't mention that Barry sued CitiBank for allegedly "redlining" mortgages in low income neighborhoods - racism style, and call it what it is without being accused of racism. Barry's race-baiting of CitiBank doesn't even pass the logic test - but then apply it to the overall economic situation, his socialistic tendencies and the accusation of the left that "deregulation" caused the crisis - and I might be able to gin up a conspiracy theory. It seems that the Obamessiah might be the REAL Manchurian candidate after all. His commie pinko terrorist buddies like Ayers and he may be Machiavellian enough to cook up a plot -

Such as - A grand scheme to crush the Capitalist pigs with their own greed...and...IF they aren't more greedy than they are cautious - then we will SUE them into handing out sub-prime crap mortgages to the unworthy (credit-wise) by accusing them of racism. Hence - the market will eventually collapse on itself - and we can Federalize everything in the interests of "saving" the working people from the evil Capitalist pig bankers and true Socialism is a mere step away! All we have to do is get that "Maverick" McCain to up the ante with even MORE taxpayer cash - MuWAAAhaAHHaahAAH!

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